In form Blizzard hits Texas this weekend

The Green Bay Blizzard is in excellent form and hopes to return to a positive record after losing six of the 10 games played this season. This Saturday they will travel to Texas where they hope to defeat the Revolution, and they have a recent success over their opponents to boost their confidence. On April 27, they scored 74 points while conceding only 25 and this result suggests that they are favorites to win despite the fact that they will lack home pitch advantage this time.


Furthermore, the visitors come after a disheartening home loss to the Cedar Rapids Titans, this being the first time in history when the Titans defeated them at home. A couple of players competed at high level, with LaRon Council, Bryan Pray and Desmond Tardy being the ones who didn’t let down their fans. Unfortunately for them and their team, the other players failed to rise to the occasion and now the blizzard needs to win back the points on the hostile stadium.

Spencer Ohm is yet to prove his quality after a mediocre start against the Titans, but he won’t have an easy mission against the fast moving and strong players that await him in Texas. The challenge is to shut down an offensive that is not even remotely as competitive as the two teams they’ve recently faced, and posts weak figures when it comes to the number of yards allowed per game.

The hosts are anxious to get some action after enjoying a week of despite, but before that they’ve had two hard encounters against the Chicago Slaughter. They did a great job in splitting the series and improving their home record to three victories in four games, but if they are to improve their percentage they will need quarterback Marcus Jackson to play much better. He and Phillip Barnett are the two players that the hosts will be counting on tonight, while the backline will be fortified by the return of Frankie Solomon.

Few bookmakers are offering odds for this game but they tend to underprice the visitors, which makes it difficult for punters to bet on Green Bay Blizzard. The hosts are not to be trifled with and if they used the one week of pause, they should have a competitive team and no injury concerns. Regardless of what punters decide to do betting wise, this confrontation promises to deliver an entertaining show.

A potential IFL game of the year

ajor League Football is drawing tens of thousands at the stadium each time two of the teams go head to head, with millions watching the game at home. The IFL is yet to gain that kind of popularity, but indoor football is already one of the favorite pastime for Americans and some teams are truly worth watching. Minor League Football is coming strongly from behind and with games such as Nebraska Danger vs Colorado Ice, it is only natural to expect more fans to flock to the stadiums.

Nebraska Danger

The two teams met last week in what can easily be described as a potential IFL game of the year, although there are plenty of rounds left and interesting matches scheduled. Nebraska Danger is widely regarded as one of the best teams in the league and definitely the most in-form one, while their opponents are famous for being an excellent traveling team. The game was decided by Joe Houston who clinched the win in the final seconds of the game and propelled his team to the top of the standings.

There is a growing rivalry between these two teams, which means that this victory that grants Nebraska a 2-1 lead in the series will weigh heavily in the balance. After celebrating the important victory, the Danger will need to get ready for another tough confrontation against Sioux Falls. The Storm are known as a stringy team at home and it is most unlikely for the hosts will be even remotely intimidated by the dazzling offensive performance recently displayed by Nebraska.

Elsewhere, the IFL scheduled other breathtaking games, with the confrontation between Sioux Falls Storm and Chicago Slaughter being among the highlights of the week. It was Chicago who prevailed and QB Cody Kirby was the player who deserves all the credit in that particular game and in most of the six preceding matches. The Slaughter won 6 out 7 recent games and is one of the best teams with eight forced fumbles 18 interceptions and six defensive touchdowns. Chicago will try to replicate their Week 5 performance this week, when they meet the Revolution in Texas after defeating them by 51 to 26 at home.

After the disheartening defeat Nebraska, the Colorado Ice get ready for another tough encounter with the Wyoming Cavalry. This time they won’t have home pitch advantage and they will need Matthew Roark, Justin Helwege and Willie Copeland to play their best football. The latter does exactly that and ranks among the best passers in the league while retaining the crown for the most passing touchdowns. The other sore losers, the Storm, are trying to stay afloat in the highly competitive division but they need to improve their turnover number.

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