Final countdown in the 2013 IFL Regular Season

There are only two weeks left until the regular season of the Indoor Football League comes to an end, but time is not of the essence for the Storm. They only have two more games to play and the first of them will take place at home against Texas revolution with the hosts being favorites to win. The stakes are as high as they get, because in addition to pleasing their fans, they will also secure home pitch advantage in the first round of playoffs. Depending on other results, the Storm could make sure that they retain the same advantage throughout the first two rounds of the playoffs and increase their chances to win the trophy.

2013 IFL Regular Season

Nebraska Danger and Colorado Ice are among the red hot teams this week and both of them have good chances of claiming the title in postseason. The two teams will meet again this weekend with Nebraska being the visitor and the outcome of this game is of critical importance. The ones who prevail will have home pitch advantage in the playoffs and as stated above, this will give them the upper hand in the series.

Dennis Kennedy is the player to watch for this weekend after his remarkable performance in Texas, as he is one of the few who can win a game by himself. The Cedar Rapids Titans had no problem in defeating the rock bottom Wyoming over the weekend and it was Anthony Silvers who shined brightly in that game. What is important to notice is the fact that the Titans will not play in the final week of the regular season, which makes this the final game for them before the playoffs begin. By winning this match, they will secure a playoffs berth for the first time in club history.

Chicago Slaughter won the game against Green Bay Blizzard by a narrow margin and were on the verge of losing despite building a seven points lead over their opponents. Chad Baldwin made a bold move in the final seconds of the game, but the Blizzard fell 51-52 and it will be Chicago to keep fighting for a playoffs spot. They need to prevail in the final game of the season, while both the Titans and the Storm need to lose, if the Slaughter are to make the postseason appearance.

Texas Revolution, Green Bay Blizzard and the Wyoming Cavalry are all out of contention as the gap separating them from playoffs eligible spot is simply too wide. Regardless of what happens on other arenas, or what they do in the final two weeks of the regular season, they will have to postpone their ambitions for 2014. The ones who are still in the race, should get ready for the first round which takes place on June 22, with the final game to be played on June 29. By the end of the month we will know the name of that team to leave the United Bowl Championship.

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