Axemen in the news once again

minorleagueJust a couple of weeks after signing the contract with Chris Kokalis to serve as assistant coach, the Axemen are in the spotlight once again for good reasons. Read more about Kokalis joining the Axemen here  They have strengthen their team with the acquisition of Kyle Padron, Montez Robinson and DeMario Pippen, with all three expected to play for at least one year for the team.

Kyle is a talented quarterback who came from Keller Texas and enjoyed an impressive rookie career at the SMU. Head coach Robert Fuller is particularly excited about this acquisition, which comes as no surprise given the fact that the quarterback completed over 8000 yards and had almost 60 touchdowns while in college and he earned several distinctions while playing for the SMU, including the honorable mention All-Conference USA honors.

His contribution to the cause is expected to be significant and his experience with the Oakland Raiders should also come in handy. The head coach sees leading abilities in Kyle and expect him to bring players together and help the team perform overall, while setting personal records for the Axemen. Although he will be in the center of attention mostly, Robinson’s presence is unlikely to go unnoticed.

Montez did a fine job while playing at the University of Georgia and he had some good results for a short period of time while playing for the San Angelo Bandits. The massive defensive lineman is surprisingly fast and agile for his stature and is exactly what the Axemen were looking for to fill the position. Last but definitely not least, Pippen is a player that the head coach expects to excel in scoring as well as throwing precise passes, something that he already done for Tuskegee University.

He played for a brief period of time for the Denver Broncos and although he didn’t last too much in Colorado, he didn’t disappoint his team either. In minor-league football, the acquisition of players that had even the slightest experience at top level is a bonus that teams fully appreciate. The Axemen are certainly not the main favorite to lift the trophy at the end of the regular season, but with these acquisitions they have all the reasons to be optimistic about making the playoffs.

Big transfer week in the IFL

Big transfer week in the IFLGood things don’t come to those who wait, at least not if you are a promising club in the IFL during transfer season. The Wyoming Cavalry has recently announced on its website that it plans on strengthening is roster with two wide receivers and their names were disclosed. Rolandis Woodland and WR Ricardo Johnson are the two players that have recently joined the Cavalry and both of them should help the club make the playoffs at the end of the regular season.

Rolandis Woodland played college football for promising teams and after leaving Missouri Tigers he transferred to Mizzou. Many expected him to choose Nebraska, but he didn’t and apparently the decision was a wise one because Head Coach Ryan Lingenfelder has only good things to say about him. Ricardo Johnson used to play for Graceland University and his acquisition is expected to increase the offensive output for Wyoming.

In the previous season the team struggle to score points and even though their defenses held, the results failed to meet expectations. A better quarterback and better ball movement should boost the team in 2014 at least if we are to trust Ryan Lingenfelder. Wyoming is keen on keeping its best players and as a result they chose to re-sign Team All-IFL WR Troy Evans, one of their inspirational players.

Wyoming Cavalry is not the only club in the IFL to strengthen its rotation during these couple of months, with Tri-Cities Fever making some impressive acquisitions as well. Douglas McNeil III is the name at the top of the list, with his experience and effectiveness on the pitch expected to propel his new team to the playoffs. He can brag about starting in 31 games, with 11 touchdowns and 84 catches for over 1400 yards. His senior season was spectacular and that’s why coach Adam Shackleford insists on transferring him.

This tall receiver can help the Tri-Cities Fever stretch the field and speed up the game, something that the team direly needs. The recent season was disappointing but that’s only because the fans and management have high expectations for this club. With Douglas McNeil they have a better chance of converting their dreams into reality, but the new player is under a lot of pressure to deliver. He used to play for the New Town High in Maryland and then was selected as an All-County All-Star athlete in football.

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