2013 Indoor Football League wrap-up

2013 Indoor Football League wrap-upThe IFL is making a giant leap forward and the most recent season was also the most competitive one, making the upcoming year one to look forward to. The league now has better players than ever before and they are evenly spread among several teams, which explains why the differences between them are negligible. A recent top of the most competitive players in 2013 season reveals the fact that except for the Cedar Rapids, no team has two players on the list.

Gabe Knapton played for Colorado Ice and apparently he did a brilliant job in 2013 as he finished third in the contest for the 2013 IFL Rookie of the Year award. He played a critical role in strengthening the defense of Colorado but unfortunately for his current team, Gabe decided to leave the IFL. The silver lining is that the Ice won’t have to compete against him next year as his new team is the Montreal Alouettes who play in the Canadian Football League.

Frankie Solomon Junior proved his critics wrong in 2013 after building on his already impressive 2012 performance. The Texas Revolution have one of the best defense in the league and Frankie is largely responsible for this achievement, with his 98 tackles and more than 1000 kick return yards. Texas fans can rejoice knowing that Solomon chose to sign a new contract with the local team and will be back on the pitch when the regular season resumes in spring.

Tri-Cities Fever have a couple of instrumental players but none of them is even remotely as important as Lionel Singleton who won the First Team All-IFL as a Defensive Back. He inched closer to 100 tackles last season and is the most successful player in terms of interceptions, so it comes as no surprise that he was presented with the 2013 Adam Pringle Award.

Xzavie Jackson is one of the two players that the Cedar Rapids Titans can’t afford to lose and both the management and fans are fully aware of this. It is no coincidence that the Titans made the playoffs for the first time ever this year, when Jackson finished second in the race for the Defensive Player of the Year award. Among his key accomplishments in 2013 is a place in the First Team All-IFL and the fact that he leads the IFL with 14 sacks.

Kayne Farquharson came painfully close of winning the Offensive Player of the Year voting but even though he finished second, his team is grateful for his contribution in 2013. Nebraska Danger qualified for the playoffs with ease and cruised through postseason to book a place in the 2013 United Bowl. Even though they didn’t win the trophy, they can be proud of their achievement and Kayne’s 73 receptions, more than 1000 receiving yards and 21 receiving touchdowns made this possible.

Everyone has high expectations when it comes to BJ Hill, as the Green Bay Blizzard player is among the most decorated players of the Indoor Football League. He featured for the fifth time on the All-IFL Team and also earned the prestigious Special Teams Player of the Year award. He covered 1037 yards, caught 35 passes and performed 53 successful tackles and exceeded expectations on all positions. It is uncertain whether he will keep playing for the Blizzard or secure a spot in the Green Bay Packers’ rotation

Another player that made history for Cedar Rapids Titans in 2013 was LaRon Council and just like Xzavie Jackson, played an instrumental role in qualifying the team for the playoffs. Without these two players, the Titans are huge underdogs to repeat his performance in 2014, but fortunately for Cedar Rapids fans both players have extended their contracts. Council suffered a string of injuries that kept him away from the pitch most of the time, but he made each minute played count. For the second year in a row he was made First Team All-IFL RB and brought to life the dwindling Cedar Rapids Titans offense.

Sioux Falls Storm resign veteran players

siouxstormAs their main rivals strengthen their squads for 2014, Sioux Falls Storm did the same and recently re-signed two of its key players. Cory Johnsen has played for the team over the last eight years and it comes as no surprise that he signed a new contract as he is indispensable to the defense. It would be excessive to say that he was the main reason for why the Storm won six out of the last eight championships, but he played a decisive role in most of the 115 victories.

Sioux Falls owner recently told the media that he is thrilled with Johnsen’s physical form following an intense off-season program and he is confident that the veteran will perform at the desired level. He is one of the most dominant players in the league and now that he bought a house in Sioux Falls, it is only fair to assume that he will keep playing for the local team.

Another player that the Storm are thrilled to have back is Charlie Sanders who will be playing for them in 2014, marking the fourth consecutive season. He is just as important for the offense as Cory is for the defense and the best proof is that he was named First Team All-IFL each time since his rookie season. With the re-signing taking longer than expected, some fans were concerned about the prospect of losing him to another team but they can now rejoice and relax seeing him back in their courtyard.

While the regular season awaits, Sioux Falls Storm is also preparing for an exhibition game against a former local rivals, the Bandits who recently joined the CPIFL. The two teams used to compete very often in the past, but since they became a part of the APFL, these confrontations have become history. The rivalry is every bit as intense today as it was three years ago and the prospect of having the two teams on the field on February 7, 2014 is bound to draw huge crowds.

Obviously, the reigning champions have the first chance, but owner Todd Tryon sees plenty of advantages in renewing this rivalry. The fans have already announced their intention of buying tickets for the exhibition game to see how their team will perform against the Bandits. Back in the day, they used to be formidable opponents and nobody expects the Storm to Steamroll past them.

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