Titans go for their 5th straight win in 2014

The season break saw the Cedar Rapids changing key players and many were wondering whether the new additions will rise to the challenge. The Titans have high expectations for this season and won’t settle for anything less than a United Bowl Championship game. It all began with a defeat, which let the fans down as they were hoping for more following the victory in the exhibitions game.

titansThe players rebounded in the very next match and won four games in a row since then, with the most recent victory being earned at the expense of the Bemidji Axemen. The U.S. Cellular Center was full of fans chanting and it looks like they are quite happy with the new arena, especially when wins pile up. The road ahead it long and twisted, so the Titans would be wise to take it one step at a time by winning the fifth match in a row.

Stoute is thrilled with his team winning match after match, but has plenty of observations to make regarding the defensive plays. His players were not careful enough and even though they won the match against the Axemen, they committed plenty of errors. Their opponents were good but there are much better teams in the IFL to worry about and most of them are not as forgiving when their foes play subpar.

The fans were particularly happy with how receiver Bryan Pray played after returning from a brief stint with the Phillies. His contribution to the Titans’ offensive was huge but it would be an overstatement to say that he single-handedly defeated the Axemen. Pray finished the game with 7 catches for a total of 66 yards and two of them were made extremely close to the fans, which only added to the excitement.

Ohm needs to build on his recent performance which was slightly below expectations and stay focused throughout the game. He was to blame for some of the errors committed in the offensive end, but his teammates were also shaky at times. The next stop will pit the Titans against the Tri-Cities Fever and they will be without Xzavie Jackson who will watch the match from the stands due to an injury.

There are other fitness concerns in their lineup, but none of them serious enough as to ruin the mood or to frighten the red-hot Titans. They will have a week off after this match, to regain their strength and hopefully all key players will shake off injuries and be ready for the big games. Texas Revolution and Sioux Falls are the two teams that will test the Titans’ resilience and challenge their winning streak.

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