Revolution loses to Titans by two points

The Cedar Creek Titans invested a lot of time and resources in the preliminary campaign, in an attempt of creating a team capable of competing for the United Bowl. So far, the results are in line with expectations and the fact that they defeated the Revolution by 59 to 57 is yet another proof that they are advancing in the right action. It was the visiting team that played more offensively in the first few minutes of the game and it looked like the Titans would have a hard time defending against Texas.

Slowly but surely, the hosts managed to slow down their opponents and after a rather disappointing first-quarter, they were back in control. The two teams alternated offensive plays and each of them scored, before Cedar Creek finally found an opening and scored back-to-back touchdowns, taking a significant lead. Just when it looked like Texas will be left fighting an uphill battle in the second half of the match, Zeke Arevalo scored with just 28 seconds left and the Revolution was back in control.revs

The first half ended with the visitors holding a six-point lead, which was reduced to just three points in the first minutes of the third quarter. This was the tipping point of the match, as the Titans kept pressing their opponents and soon enough they got the lead and found the strength to preserve it throughout the quarter. Texas was behind and with time quickly running out in the last minutes of the game, they took increasingly more chances upfront.

Initially, these risks delivered expected results and they tied the Titans, but only for a short while, as their opponents scored two fourth-quarter touchdowns. They had a three point advantage for most of the time and then scored the decisive blow with just 2 min. left, taking a 10 points lead. It didn’t last long either as Clinton Solomon was brilliant offensively and the Revolution was back within striking distance. No team was willing to give up and with less than a minute left in the game, Cedar Creek scored again and the late effort of Will Cole made no difference whatsoever.

At the end of the day, it was the Titans that prevailed and the fact that a massive 106 points were scored in the game speaks for itself. Cedar Creek has a formidable defense, but Texas found a way to score 57 points against them, only to be beaten at their own game.

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