Iowa Barnstormers gear up for new season

As IFL football teams go, Iowa Barnstormers are not exactly the top favorites to win the trophy at the end of the regular season and even making the playoffs can be difficult. On the bright side, the team has some amazing fans and an intelligent management, which decided to make some investments to gear up for the new season. They played decently last year but they need to step up their game and this requires better players, with some of them being already on their way to Iowa.

minorleagueJoe Brannen who acts as Head Coach and Director of Player Personnel told the media that this year, the team will benefit from the services of Austin Benson, wide receiver Philander Browder II, running back Ranier Rackley, defensive lineman Tim McGee, and offensive lineman Ken Van Heule. All of them have been transferred and will be fit to play in the next couple of games, which means that the Barnstormers should give their opponents a run for their money.

Each of these players can brag about some personal accomplishments, but the real challenge is to have them play as a team together. Benson played for the Champion San Angelo Bandits of the Lone Star Football League last season and he did a fine job defensively, completing 7.5 tackles and three forced fumbles, not to mention five interceptions. He had a few problems with these injuries, but he seems to be fit to play and as long as he stays fit, he will be a real asset for the team.

Browder completed for the Bemidji Axemen last season and he did it much better than his peers were expecting, especially with him playing for the first year in the IFL. Before joining the league he played for the Golden Tigers and can brag about 75 catches and four touchdowns. Rackley was just as good for Nebraska Danger and he showed his first signs of turning into a complete asset a few years ago while attending the courses of the Georgia Military College.

McGee is another worthy addition, also playing for the Champion San Angelo Bandits of the Lone Star Football League after graduating from Memphis University. He is supposed to bolster the defenses of Iowa Barnstormers, something that the team clearly needs after committing many mistakes last season. Last but definitely not least, Van Heule participated in the Champion Professional Indoor Football League where he played for Omaha Beef.

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