Nebraska Danger re-signs key players for 2015 season

The indoor football league season is about to begin and time is running out for the teams who have high expectations for the upcoming year. In order to play in the United bowl and win the most coveted trophy in indoor football, the teams need to strengthen their starting formation. Nebraska Danger is among those who acquired a handful of valuable players during the season break and they recently announced that a couple of key players have been re-signed.

minorleaguesThe information transpired in the media just a couple of days ago and the complete list of players is now available. They will play the opening game against the Titans, which have also strengthen their roster, which makes it extremely important to be prepared for the difficult match. Those who are interested to see what opponents the Titans will be facing in the next couple of weeks, should head on to

Meanwhile, Nebraska will rely on Harcourt Farquharson and Justin Helwege who used to play for the Colorado Ice, while welcoming back seven players. Darius Savage and Pig Brown are two of the key players that are supposed to propel the Danger to the players and they serve offensive and defensive roles. Without these two guys, the team would’ve been significantly worse, so the management is thrilled to have re-signed both of them on a short notice.

Kayne Farquharson, Adrian Davis, O.J. Simpson, Darnell Terrell and Isaiah Scott are the other players that are going to stay with the club, after a dazzling season in 2014. They made a significant contribution, with the former being one of the best offensive players, with 63 receptions and a total of 15 receiving touchdowns. Their contribution to the common cause didn’t go unnoticed and Danger Head Coach Mike Davis was the first to celebrate their performance last season.

Harcourt Farquharson and Justin Helwege were also welcomed with open arms by both the fans and their colleagues, after being their rivals last season. They did a fine job for Colorado and they’re expected to perform just as well for Nebraska, with the opening match against the Titans being the first serious test. These new additions are supposed to strengthen the team and help them deal with superior opponents, such as the Sioux Falls, who caused them plenty of headaches over the last couple of years.

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