Axemen can’t go wrong with Chris Kokalis

Axemen can’t go wrong with Chris KokalisDuring the season break, all squads in the Indoor Football League are frantically trying to improve the depth of their team by adding new players to their rotation. Strengthening the defenses, while bolstering the offensive is their main priority, but past performance proved us time after time that performance can only be achieved if the team is led by a versatile coach. This is exactly why the Axemen chose Chris Kokalis for the job, as this coach has one of the most impressive resumes in football.

Twice in his career, he won the Indoor Football League coach of the year trophy, something that says a great deal about his ability to lead or source of teams to success. The Axemen are hardly the best in the league, but under his guidance they have a good chance of setting new records and seeking new milestones in the upcoming season. Before joining them, Chris coached Green Bay Blizzard and much to his credit he led the team to United Conference Championship one year ago.

Everyone remembers his performance with the Fairbanks Grizzlies before that, and the fact that his team won 10/15 games is also a great achievement. It is this kind of experience and confidence in his ability to transform pretty much any team overnight that recommends Kokalis for this job. Rebellious players tend to comply much easier when Chris is in charge and that’s why there are plenty of reasons for optimism.

This season will mark a personal milestone for Chris who started coaching back in 2004 and will be celebrating a decade in this line of work. He can be proud of his achievement, because over that span he emerged as one of the most reliable coaches and one of the few who often exceeds expectations. Among his achievements is the one of training no less than seven players who eventually got to put their skills to the test in the National Football League.

Chris Kokalis is nothing short of an artist when it comes to training indoor football teams, but he has plenty of experience outdoors. He helped the team at University of Mary in Bismarck, as this was the University he graduated from and it comes as no surprise that the players under his command have only good things to say. The Axemen plan to attract plenty of fans at their games this season, with discounted prices and attractive packages for families.

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