Cedar Rapids Titans find new home downtown

titansFor the Cedar Rapids Titans, time is of the essence and when other teams are enjoying their season break, the Titans are getting ready for relocation. After two years of playing at the Cedar Rapids Ice Arena, they will return to the US Cellular Center, an arena that underwent extensive renovations. It is only fair to say that after all the maintenance work will complete, the new home on the Titans will be one suitable for a club that sold out three quarters of home games.

The interest for the new venue is immense among fans, with the entire community rallying behind the Cedar Rapids and looking forward for the 2014 season. All those involved told the media that moving to the renovated arena gives them a sense of accomplishment, as they’ve waited for exactly 2 years to move downtown. The relocation has a two-pronged effect, because on one hand the Titans will play in a more spacious venue that can host more fans, on the other it shatters any doubts about the possible relocation outside Cedar Rapids.

It is not surprising for popular franchises to move from their original location, but in this particular case there would be no reasons warranting such a relocation. Fans are flocking to the stadium every single time the Titans play at home, but until recently they had only 4000 seats at their disposal. The new venue has 1500 more and this will translate into lower costs because the cheapest ticket will cost only eight dollars, which is a markdown of two dollars from current prices.

The sponsors and ticket holders will enjoy the same outstanding facilities, and also new ones that were on demand for many months. At the new venue, they will have free parking and at the end of the game, spectators will have an easier task in following the players and asking for autographs. The local businesses are also expected to thrive as a result of the Titans moving downtown, because thousands of people will visit this area every weekend.

In 2013, they won nine games out of a total 14 and their best player captured the “Fan Base of the Year” while the coach was presented with the “2013 IFL Coach of the Year” award. Add to this the fact that they’ve made a deep run and played the United Conference Championship game and it is only fair to say that 2014 is a year of great promise.

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