Coach Majic takes a lengthy break from football

All good things eventually come to an end so when coach Majic decided to take a sabbatical, the players at Wyoming Cavalry were not particularly surprised. This versatile coach has been with the team for many years and his departure caused plenty of ripples, but nobody holds it against him. It is hard to build something from scratch and turning the Cavalry from a perpetual underdog into a strong IFL team is something that deserves credit.

Maciejczak was well loved by both players and the fans, who acknowledged his major contribution to the team’s success. Wyoming scrambles to find a replacement and eventually came up with a former AFL player to coach the team for the next couple of seasons. has all the information that those interested in indoor football might be interested in.


Ryan Lingenfelder was a defensive coordinator for three years and she has all the qualities necessary to make the transition as smooth as it gets. He has some big shoes to fill and the next seasons will be particularly important for Ryan to prove his worth. The fans have embraced him and are more than willing to give him full credit, but the image of Coach Majic is still lingering in their memory.

Maciejczak explained his decision and said that despite being very difficult to leave Wyoming Cavalry after such successful years, he needs to make a change in his life. He spent plenty of time in the company of players and fans, but now it is time to spend just as much time with his family and kids. His oldest son started the high school and is a sophomore playing in the school’s football team while his youngest son is also taking an interest in sports.

Coach Majic plans on being by their side and in order to do so he will need to be in Rapid City, instead of traveling back and forth from one town to the other. He plans on putting family about everything else including the team but he has no intention of quitting coaching altogether. He will work at the Douglass high school as a head coach for the local team and he plans on doing his best to raise the level of participation. Knowing Maciejczak, it is only fair to assume that he will achieve great things at that particular high school, even though he will probably miss his IFL team.

The feeling is mutual and both the general manager and the players off the Wyoming Cavalry expressed their regrets for Coach Majic’s departure. They are looking forward for him to come visiting every now and then and watch the Cavalry’s games from the stands. He spent six years with the Wyoming Cavalry, almost half of the total 14 years of professional indoor football. The club has recently concluded its third year playing in the Indoor Football League and is on an uptrend that Ryan Lingenfelder needs to build on.

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