Colorado Ice announces new coaching staff

coloradoiceA new season is just around the corner and some games were already played in Las Vegas, with plenty of fans storming the arena. The bulk of games will start soon and Colorado Ice has high expectations for the season, after changing almost completely their coaching staff. Heron O’Neal made the announcement one week ago and Colorado fans were thrilled to hear that Marcus Pearson, Brian Arndt and Rico Ochoa have extended their contracts with the team.

These three coaches helped O’Neal a lot over the last couple of seasons and they have a special relation with the players, which makes them a powerful team. Losing any of them would’ve been a serious blow, but despite receiving tempting offers from other teams they chose to stay in Denver. They will be joined by Jimmie Kaylor and Anthoney Hill, both of them bringing loads of experience for a team that struggled to maintain momentum in 2013.

The head coach announced the roles that each new coach will play in the team, with Arndt to serve as the Assistant Defensive Coordinator and Special Teams coach. Coach Hill will act as the Assistant Offensive Coordinator while Ochoa will be in charge of the defensive and offensive lines as he did one season ago. They have some bold plans for the Ice and the best thing is that the head coach completely agrees with them and is willing to give them a chance to translate their theories into reality.

These coaches have a background in high school football and their records speak for themselves, something that cannot be said about all minor-league football coaches. In addition to bringing new coaches and extending the contracts of existing ones, Colorado also promoted Marcus Pearson to Director of Recruiting. 2014 promises to be a very difficult year for all the teams in the Indoor Football League but these inspired changes made by the Colorado Ice should give them a fighting chance this season.

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