Head Coach Mike Davis to continue with Nebraska Danger

Nebraska Danger lost United Bowl but nobody can blame them for succumbing to Sioux Falls Storm, who started as overwhelming favorites. In fact, their performance was more than honorable and Head Coach Mike Davis has the merit of building a highly competitive team. Fortunately for him and the fans, Davies will return for 2014 to train the same players and there is a good chance for Nebraska to return to the final, one year from now.

Head Coach Mike Davis to continue with Nebraska Danger

Under his leadership, the team grew from one young and lacking experience into a formidable opponent that dominated its division. Much to his credit, coach Davies found a way to win games away from home, something that the Danger failed to achieve in previous seasons. This is one of the reasons for why they made it so far and the re-signing for 2014 comes as no surprise for those who watched the team perform in the previous season.

By acknowledging his performance and building on the increasingly high fan base, Team Owner and President Charlie Bosselman proves one more that he is a man with a vision. Davies emerged as a true leader of the team and lead by example, something that former coaches failed to do and that’s something that rarely happens even in Major League Football. The coach is thrilled with the Bosselman family‚Äôs decision and promises not to let some down in 2014.

He feels at home at Grand Island despite the fact that he was born and raised on the opposite coast and played for local teams for much of his youth. He found a home in Nebraska and the Danger proved to be a team capable of responding to each of his commands, not to mention one ambitious group always aiming higher goals.

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