Minor League Football tasked its Board of Directors and Competition Sub-Committee with classifying each league in the country between AAA and AA.  This project began in the Spring of 2009 with the adoption of a criteria based model to set standards between AAA and AA.  At that time there were 43 leagues across the country playing Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall seasons.

Rather than classify each team, the Competition Sub-Committee recommended each league be rated rather than individual teams.  In the case of teams playing independent schedules, who did not affiliate themselves with a particular league, the criteria would be placed upon that team.  The Minor League Football Board of Directors agreed with this approach with the knowledge that there often be a AA team playing within a AAA league or a AAA team playing within a AA league.  The Board approved and adopted the ratings criteria in September 2010 and Minor League Football, Minor League Football News and the Minor League Football Championship Series began using that classification criteria as the sole method of rating the leagues across the country into AAA and AA Leagues.  The Classification Standards were published into the 2010 League and Team Administrators Manual and delivered by electronic mail to each team and league across the country.

If you are a team or league who has not received this manual, contact Minor League Football by emailing Rudy Wyland at

An excerpt of the League and Team Administrators Manual, which contains the Classification Standards is duplicated below for review:

H. Classification Standards – AAA and AA

Minor League Football will rate each League based on its level of effort and ability to field AAA or AA rated teams.  For the purposes of determining whether a team is AAA, the following minimum standards will be considered:

With respect to game facilities:

i.      The average weekly game stadium must have a capacity of 2,000 or more for attendance;

ii.      The game stadium above must provide locker, dressing and shower facilities for both the home and visiting team;

iii.      The game stadium above must have a press box for a statistician, scorekeeper/timekeeper, PA announcer, a representative scout for each participating team, and an operational scoreboard with a game clock.

iv.      The field must be fully marked in five yard increments, with hash marks in place conforming to the set of rules the game is being played under (in the event the field is the home field of a high school, and changing the hashmarks to meet NFL or NCAA standards, a waiver of this requirement will be made provided most other standards are met).

v.      Down markers (Chain Crew) are provided as well as conforming goal posts.

vi.      Benches and tables are provided for both teams.

With respect to the Team’s active player roster, uniforms and organizational structure:

i.      The Team will begin the season with a 40 man roster as verified by their respective League.

ii.      The Team will maintain an average weekly active roster of at least 30 athletes through the full season.

iii.      The Team will maintain a uniform standard which includes matching helmets and face masks, uniforms with conforming jersey numbers, matching pants, a written dress code policy for game day, and a provision for both home and away uniforms.

iv.      The Team will maintain a website informing the general and football public of the team which is updated on a weekly basis.

v.      The Team will maintain a method of reporting to the League, as well as Minor League Football News and the U.S. Federation of American Football, accurate game statistics.  Such statistics shall be reported to the League as well as Minor League Football with a declaration by the statistician as to the completeness, accuracy and validity of those statistics.

Those teams who do not meet the minimum AAA criteria will be listed as AA teams.  Minor League Football and the U.S. Federation of American Football will rate each league as to whether they are AAA or AA league.  A league may be rated by MLF or USFAF as AAA but may field AA teams provided there is a preponderance of evidence that such league is active and diligent in its efforts to bring all the teams within that league to the AAA level.

I. Game Statistics


Minor League Football, Minor League Football News Hall of Fame, the Awards Committee and the U.S. Federation of American Football intend to honor and award those outstanding athletes who have distinguished themselves on the playing field.  The single most relevant method of determining a distinguished effort on the field is through comparing the statistical categories of that athlete when compared to similar athletes around the country.  In order to do this, each team and/or league must make every effort to record and report, both to their respective leagues and to Minor League Football, the statistical results of every game played during the season.

It is imperative that each league, or the individual team, makes an arrangement whereby official statistics are kept for each game.  It is one of the criteria that are used to determine whether a team and league is classified as AAA.

In some cases, the cost of obtaining software is prohibitive.  Minor League Football and the U.S. Federation of American Football have endorsed an online system called Hosted Statistics (  The system is very affordable (about $20.00 for a team to report to a national database) and is easy to use.

Whether the team or league uses Hosted Statistics, a stand-alone system, or any other method of recording game to game statistics, those results must be reported each week to Minor League Football News.  Further, when nominating a player for end of year awards, All-American, etc. the nominator must refer to these statistics as a method of making the case and causing that athlete to stand out among the rest of the players at that position across the country.

To ensure complete, accurate and verifiable statistics, a qualified individual must record the statistics and attest to that accuracy and completeness each week.

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