Nebraska Danger qualify for the United Bowl

The regular-season has finally ended, with Nebraska Danger being one of the most successful teams and a strong contender for the United Bowl. In order to secure a place in the big final, they had to defeat Colorado Ice on Thursday in a match that they started as favorites, despite disappointing regular-season results. It was Colorado that emerged victorious on both occasions, but despite the fact that they won twice, it was the Danger who won the game that’s really matter.

Nebraska was in dire need of a victory and they got it by a wide margin, having scored 45 points while allowing just 15. Now they are patiently waiting for Cedar Rapids and Sioux Falls to complete their own head-to-head fixtures, to get to know the name of their opponents. It is anyone’s guess what will happen in the other playoffs game, given the fact that Cedar Rapids Titans have won the last match between the two teams.

Meanwhile, Nebraska can celebrate victory and they have plenty of reasons to be happy about their recent performance, as they scored a total of 191 yards while limiting opponents to just 86. Willi Copeland did his best to help Colorado win the match but he failed to keep them afloat, due to the fact that the hosts played superb defense. Very few expected the Danger to put up 30 points while holding Colorado to just six, but that’s exactly what happened in the first half of the game.minorleague

Nebraska was in complete control from start to finish, but one of the most important moments was the one in which Phil Welsh failed to convert a field goal. The Danger took the lead early and in a matter of minutes they were up 9-0, further extending the lead in the first quarter to 16-0. It was pretty obvious that the game was turning into a lopsided victory for the hosts and the occasional surges of Colorado didn’t change much, with Nebraska consolidating their advantage.

The Ice eventually fond the resources to score 6 points, but by that time they had already allowed 33 and there was nothing left for them to do to claw their way back in the game. Sewell and Piper-Jordan were outstanding and have their team advanced to the title game for the second time in consecutive years. The last time Nebraska made it to the United Bowl they lost to Sioux Falls 43-40, but this time they have a good chance to avenge that defeat.

2014 has been a very difficult year for the Danger, as the team was hit hard by injuries and had to patch the squad up on multiple occasions. They somehow found the strength to overcome all these obstacles and in the end they got exactly where they were supposed to be. Defeating Colorado was an important milestone, but unless they succeed in replicating that performance in the championship match, it will all be in vain. In a matter of days we’ll find out the name of their opponents, but there is a good chance to have a rematch between Nebraska and Sioux Falls.

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