Nebraska Danger and Titans sign prominent players

Time is quickly running all for Indoor Professional Football Team to strengthen their squad as the start of the regular season approaches. For the time being, everyone has its eyes locked on the Super Bowl, but IFL fans are also paying attention to what happens with team such as Nebraska Danger or Cedar Creek Titans. Both teams signed important players this week, in an attempt of strengthening their squads so that they have a better chance at making the playoffs in 2014.

minorleagu2013 MVP Jameel Sewell will return to Nebraska Danger which is great news for the fans worried that he might leave for another club. His contribution to the team’s success last year was tremendous and Jameel remains one of the few players that are very difficult to replace. He received a prestigious award last season, by being named the all-IFL first-team quarterback and he has numbers to back up this nomination. He passed over 2500 yards, sent 52 touchdown passes and had 25 rushing touchdowns.

Nebraska invested massively during the season break and his addition to their rotation represents the icing on the cake, as he will be joining Kayne Farquharson, Moe Avery, Marcus Barnett, Troy Evans and Andre Piper-Jordan. Most of these guys play offensive roles, which is great news for a team that dominated the league last season in terms of points and yards scored per game. With these players in their roster the Danger are a force to be reckoned with and a big favorite for the playoffs.

The Cedar Creek Titans didn’t waste time either and those who visit will find out that they signed two important players as well. Defensive linemen Kyle Jenkins and Xzavie Jackson have joined them recently, with the latter being the sack leader in Indoor Professional Football last season. Kyle simply extended his contract with the Titans after playing here for three consecutive years and he is very appreciated by both fans and management.

Keeping Xzavie Jackson in their country yard is just as important, as he finished 2013 with 55 tackles, eight passes broken up and 14 sack, the best ratio in IFL. Jenkins played for two seasons in a row at Chicago Slaughter, but unfortunately for his former team it couldn’t keep him for another season. Jenkins and Jackson brilliantly complemented each other last season and scored a combined 26 sacks, in a defense led by IFL linebacker Ameer Ismail.

This Saturday, just one day before the Super Bowl, the Cedar Creek Titans will begin spring training and then resume the activity two weeks from now on February 15. This is the moment that their fans are anxiously waiting for as the official team for 2014 will be unveiled at US Cellular Center, the new home of the Titans.

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