Sioux Falls Storm wins United Bowl

One of the most important games of the week for those who are passionate about the IFL is 2013 United Bowl and this year it was Nebraska Danger and Sioux Falls that fought for the trophy. Nebraska started with the second chance and the fact that they were going to play on the road only aggravated their issues. Add to this the fact that Sioux Falls is much more experienced and has been around for a longer period of time, and it comes as no surprise that everyone was expecting an easy victory for the hosts.

minorleague is a shining example of website where informative articles were suggesting such an outcome. While there is plenty of value in these articles and it is obvious that they were written by professionals, Nebraska proved everyone wrong by exceeding expectations. In the end, they felt by 43 points to 40, but although the result prevented them from lifting the trophy, it is honorable.

2013 was a good season for both of them and after 15 games, each had 11 victories and just four defeats, while splitting the direct fixtures. The head to head record indicates that the hosts had to expect a good fight from Nebraska, and that’s exactly what the Danger served them on Sunday. Over the course of several years, the team was built one step at a time and the recent additions proved to be very inspired. Manager McCoy plays a central role in bringing these promising players together and turning a group of football players into a team capable of keeping the Sioux Falls Storm at Bay.

The hosts eventually avenged the defeat suffered at the beginning of the season when Nebraska ended one of their lengthiest winning streak. It is worth mentioning that their home arena is frequently referred to as the “Capital of Indoor Football” to understand how close the visitors came from achieving a remarkable performance. This time they came painfully close but there are good reasons for optimism and next season, the Danger could cause a major upset against the same opponents.

If we were to draw a conclusion about the 2013 United Bowl we should begin by praising both teams for their offensive efforts, without diminishing the merits of the defense. At the end of the day it was the superior experience of the Storm that made the difference.

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