Storm wins United Bowl for the 4th time

In the days preceding the United Bowl, everyone was wondering whether the Storm would win the trophy for the fourth time in just as many years. The team set a record last season by making it three times in a row and they were credited with the first chance against Nebraska Danger. The fact that they were scheduled to play the last game at the Arena only added pressure on the players, but much to their credit they found a way to shake it off.minorleague

Scoring 63 points against a tough opponent such as Nebraska is not a small achievement and it made it easier to accept the fact that they allowed 46 points. Storm quarterback Chris Dixon was perhaps the man of the match as he led his teammates to victory and the public was behind them all the time. It rarely happens that minor-league football generates so much enthusiasm, even when we are talking about the most important match of the season.

In front of their fans they have a formidable record with 112 victories and just 14 defeats, not to mention that since 2016 they only lost 3/85 games. The playoffs are by far the most difficult matches a team can play and in 21 such games, the Storm didn’t lose even once. It is hard to think of a better way to end an era, which explains why both the fans and players were so enthusiastic after winning the United Bowl, as one can see the YouTube video

The team has an eclectic mix of young and experienced players and even though all played their part, it was the veterans who led the way. They scored most of the points and prevented opponents from doing the same, with Dixon and Terry being so good that they were both named MVPs. The hosts took an early lead and they were 21-0 early in the game, with the visitors fighting an uphill battle that eventually ended in defeat, despite the best efforts to close the gap.

The Storm were in command from one end to the other and they were never in danger of allowing Nebraska to overtake them or even tie them. The visitors have a formidable defensive but that wasn’t apparent in the last match, with the Danger allowing a record 63 points. In a nutshell, the hosts emerged victorious, simply because Nebraska defenses were unable to contain Dixon and Terry, while their own offensive players were capable of scoring enough points.

By winning the fourth United Bowl, the Storm made history and they are entitled to be optimistic about what the next season will bring. Not surprisingly, the bookmakers are willing to give them the first chance once again and the odds are surprisingly low. It is very hard to go against a team that was so successful over the last couple of years, knowing that they strive to improve all the time and have access to considerable resources.

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