The structure and mission of AIF

Football is the most popular American pastime and important matches gather huge crowds at the stadiums hosting them. Whether they play the game themselves or simply watch it on TV, sports enthusiasts are following any news related to football, including minor leagues. Some of them act as launching pads for promising athletes, while others are reduced to an exciting hobby that keeps youngsters entertained and active. An increasingly popular type of football is the one played indoors, and there are already several organizations that host competitions and have even set up leagues of their own.

American Indoor Football Association

The American Indoor Football Association is one of the best organized ones, with a clear structure and mission, promising to make indoor football an affordable, fan friendly and competitive sport. The organization tries to keeps the costs low and that’s why they chose regionalized play instead of expanding at a fast pace. Even so, the organization shook hands with similar entities and two years ago the teams playing in the Southern and East area has merged. What resulted is a highly competitive minor league that has the potential of emerging into a National League in the foreseeable future.

There are two major divisions, one operating on the East Coast and one on the West Coast and the winner of a season is the one prevailing in the match between the best teams in both divisions. Indoor football is yet to achieve the same popularity of the game played outdoors but American Indoor Football Association laid a solid foundation. All of the games are played on regulation indoor size fields and comply with all the rules of the game so that the transition from amateur to professional football is made easy.

The organization has two distinct leagues, one being professional and the other developmental, with the former being the one gathering the best local teams. What makes AIF special is the fact that it looks after its players, despite the fact that they are not truly professional football players. They receive a comprehensive package, that includes meals, housing and wagers, giving them the impetus to perform.

The Developmental League is just like the name suggests a place where promising athletes and out of form players can work on their skills and prepare for advancing or returning to the next stage. The games are hosted by community recreation centers for smaller local arenas.

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