USFL Championship

9-29-2010-2-23-17-PM-3956964Tennessee Crush – 21
Henry County Horsemen – 14
The 2010 United South Football League Championship game was all that it was anticipated to be. The match up of the Tennessee Crush and Henry Co. Horsemen had everything that a football enthusiast could want in a game.
The Horsemen, the defending League Champions have been a proven and consistent winner from day one. Under the leadership of Owner Tyrone Barnes and Head Coach Terrelle Parham, The Horsemen travel to Chattanooga Tn. to defend their title, but the Crush had their own agenda.
With a high flying offense and their “Black Shirt Defense”, the clash of two titans was apparently on display in Chattanooga Tn on Sept. 25th.
Led by Coach Nathan O’Neal and Coach Chuck Goins, The Tennessee Crush came to play as they’ve done all year.
The Horsemen started the scoring with a 66 yard touchdown run. Not to be out done the Crush put up 21 unanswered points. After the third Crush score, the Horsemen returned the ensuing kick off 88 yards for a touchdown. Bringing the score to 21 – 14 with 8: 48 in the third quarter. it was a slugfest from that point until the whistle blew. There were casualties of war on the Crush side as their starting QB went down with an injury early in the 4th quarter… But the “Black Shirts” were swarming all over the field making plays. The Horsemen defense were delivering Crushing blows to the Crush offense. The Crush pulled out everything offensively even the Wildcat formation was seen in their arsenal.
On this day the Tennessee Crush prevail as the undisputed champions of “The Main Event” of Minor League Football in the South. Not to be out done by the action on the field, Both team fans were the highlight of the evening. With every action on the field, The fans had a reaction with each other that almost stole the show (In a good way).
The USFL would like to Congratulate the Tennessee Crush Organization for a job well done. And setting the bar at a standard for all Minor League teams to admire and aim for. A Big Thank you goes out to Tracey & Dainah Rico for a great job as they invited the USFL to their town and exemplified some true Southern Hospitality. Thank you to everyone who came out to support The USFL Championship game and the various teams who represents the USFL. With The All Star game coming up on October 23rd, it has been an incredible season… The Good, The Bad & The Ugly will better prepare the USFL for a 2011 season that’s guarantee to be as competitive or better.

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